Passion Project - TikTok Case Study

PROBLEM: Raising awareness about the importance of mental health and reducing stigma.

SOLUTION: Create a content strategy centered around educational videos, story times, and mental health tips.

RESULT: 8.4MIL+ views within 60 days, grew account from 0 to 40K with an above average engagement rate of 23%.

B2B Service Provider

PROBLEM: B2B service provider with limited budget, lack of brand awareness, undefined target audience, inadequate market research, inconsistent messaging, website not receiving leads, poor content strategy, insufficient tracking and analytics.

RESULT: A 30% boost in online lead generation and a 20% increase in website traffic.Launched and managedemail campaigns that achieved an average open rate of 27% and a click-through rate of 8%, exceeding industry benchmarks. Collaborated with the sales team to create targeted marketing collateral, resulting in a 15% increase in conversion rates and a 10% reduction in sales cycle length. Managed end-to-end tradeshow logistics, including booth design, vendor coordination, and budget management, resulting in a 10% cost reduction. Interviewed clients to assess their needs and developed tailored services and strategies. Read more


PROBLEM: B2B skincare education company focused on building connection between CEO + audience, improve conversion and engagement. 

SOLUTION: Launch a B2B podcast/ channel focused on adding value to audience through free workshops, trainings, and guest experts.  


WB Blends

PROBLEM: B2B Manufacturer not generating leads from website because of unclear objectives, slow loading speed, poor mobile optimization, lack of SEO, inconsistent branding, no clear call-to-action.

RESULT: Integrated branding and new website design with enhanced user-friendly interface. Implemented a B2B marketing strategy using HubSpot and lead generation tools that generated 50x more leads.

Western Botanicals

PROBLEM: 25-year-old legacy supplement brand needed a website facelift. Using wrong e-commerce platform, poor user experience, missing sales optimization, overwhelming complexity, needed new product content.

RESULT: Championed an e-commerce migration, with strategy, from Woo Commerce to Shopify that quadrupled sales within the first month of transfer.

Amply Blends

PROBLEM: Millennial brand focused on making supplements easy to understand. The website was low on content and needed an emphasis on educating the consumer of ingredient use.

RESULT: Provided copy for ingredients, creative direction for graphics, and video.

Dr Botanicals + Allure Partnership

 RESULT: Partnered with Allure Beauty Box to promote the Lemon Butter Superfood Rescue Butter by Dr Botanicals during the start of COVID-19. We positioned the product to be a moisturizer for medical professionals who were hand-sanitizing and overdrying their hands. The product was featured in the Allure Mini Magazine and was introduced to 90% of the Allure Beauty Box members. The campaign created a social buzz with 16+M bonus impressions earned, and an open email rate that exceeded the industry benchmark by 14%.

DERMASCOPE- Beauty Magazine

 RESULT: Pitched Dermascope Magazine and received free publicity that increased brand awareness. The product I pitched was featured under “Products that are shaping our industry.” SAMPLE: “AW Advanced Skincare Training’s LIFT BTX Serum by Oxynergy Paris combines exclusive peptides (octapeptide and pentapeptide) to achieve a safe and mild BOTOX®-inspired alternative…”

Radiant-MD E-Commerce

 RESULT: Increased sales by 33% by creating an abandoned cart strategy. Created copy and product descriptions. SAMPLE: “A highly effective, botanical-based brightening exfoliating cleanser without harsh ingredients enriched with salicylic acid. Purifies, brightens, and evens skin tone without chemical abrasives. Natural papaya and pineapple enzymes work to eliminate dry, dull surface cells and toxins to reveal a soft and smooth complexion.”

AW Advanced Aesthetic Training- E-Commerce

PROBLEM: Website copy was very wordy, hard to follow, and did not have an obvious CTA. SOLUTION: Created strong bulletin points, restructured copy to be concise with a clear CTA.

Fusion Meso - Webinar

PROBLEM: The original webinar had too much information that didn’t feel digestible for the client to take action.
SOLUTION: I dove right in, re-wrote the script, and tweaked the design. The conversion rate doubled from 6% to 12%. In addition, the webinar saved the company time, money, and effort for managers responsible for the onboarding and training activities.

The McWrap RAP with McDonald's! - E-blast

RESULT: Email campaign to raise brand awareness for the World’s Largest Entertainment McDonald’s. Built a membership database for email marketing campaigns reaching more than 26,000 customers. Created a jingle for the McWrap which exceeded the CTR industry-standard of 1.25% to 3%. SAMPLE: “Feeling pretty hungry, need to grab something quick; Lots of restaurant options, need to make a pick. See those golden arches from my favorite chain; pull up to Mickey D’s in the drive-thru lane….”

Ryans World - Influencer Social Activation

RESULT: By activating 55 Social Spotters (influencers) to share photos of the toys online, I increased brand and retailer awareness by 36%, as well as generate consideration to purchase Ryan’s World toys among consumers.  The Social Spotters program exceeded industry benchmarks for engagement rates on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook. (Instagram – 2.67% vs. 1.97%, Twitter – .11% vs .036%, Facebook – .52% vs .12%)

Travel Aromas- E-Commerce

 GOAL: A faux DTC brand, product, and website I created on a rainy day to add to my portfolio. This e-commerce showcases my ability to conceptualize an out-of-the-box idea related to the current climate. I designed and wrote all copy. SAMPLE: “Close your eyes, and there it is, perfectly brought to life: the spice marketing souk in the Marrakech medina, with its mingling scents of clove, sandalwood, cardamom, frankincense, and myrrh. The remedy for your wanderlust.”

AW Advanced Aesthetic Training- Digital Brochure

 RESULT: Created a strategically designed Interactive PDF file that you can share through SMS, Whatsapp, and email. Within the first month, 350+ people used the discount code at the end of the brochure.

Fifty Shades of Snail: South Korea’s Beauty Obsession - Product Review

 RESULT: As an industry expert, I wrote a product review for COSRX, a Korean skincare brand. My blog increased brand awareness and helped build trust amongst Korean skincare newbies. SAMPLE: “There’s no denying that South Korea is the largest cosmetic mecca in the world. K- Beauty is not just about the infamous 10-step skincare routine, it’s a lifestyle. Espresso to Italians is what high-quality skincare is to Koreans. Not optional, but a must.”

Dr Botanicals Instagram Following

PROBLEM: International skincare company using one IG account for all countries. US following was only 3%. SOLUTION: Created an email campaign for US customers to follow our Instagram. RESULT: Increased to 15% within 1 month.
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